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James Adonis is the author of four books, all of which can be purchased from bookstores around Australia. 

How To Be Great - From Cleopatra to Churchill - lessons from history's greatest leaders

For more information, please visit: http://howtobegreat.biz/

What can we learn from the great leaders of the past? In this unique and engaging volume, James Adonis, one of Australia’s best-known leadership educators, shows how we can apply the lessons of history to the challenges of the present.

Drawing on examples from Walt Disney to Joan of Arc, Adonis explores the many different aspects of good leadership, illustrating how history’s most successful leaders have used particular leadership styles to their own advantage, while explaining how we can use those same techniques in the modern workplace.

The key to good leadership? Adaptability. Certain situations may require Benjamin Franklin’s pragmatism, Dorothea Dix’s dynamism, or something altogether different – the most important lesson is that the very best leaders are able to adjust their leadership style to suit any given situation.

Covering more than fifty historical leaders, ranging from Julius Caesar and Eleanor Roosevelt to less familiar figures such as suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst, US President James Madison and environmental activist Wangari Maathai, How To Be Great is an entertaining and insightful leadership book with a difference.

Corporate Punishment - Smashing the management cliches for leaders in a new world

Think there's no 'I' in 'team'? There is. Believe that together everyone achieves more? They don't. Asked to give it 110 per cent? You can't. Think employees are your greatest asset? They ain't. Got an open-door policy? For goodness sake - shut it!

Whether you're a perpetrator or a casualty of cringe-worthy corporate cliches (or both), Corporate Punishment will challenge the way you think about the world of business and the mind-numbing management mottos that have underpinned it for decades. From teams and leadership to workplace culture and customer service, James Adonis smashes in this book some of the most deeply entrenched business philosophies.


Employee Enragement - Why people hate working for you!

For more information, please visit: http://enragement.biz/

In a groundbreaking study of 2,400 people, this book investigates what causes employees to be angry, frustrated, and upset at work, and in this refreshingly real and brutally honest book, James hands you on a platter the Top 50 areas of staff disengagement.

Written unlike any other management book you've ever read, Employee Enragement will show you how to avoid doing what annoying and incompetent managers do and how to increase your popularity and likeability. It's a warts-n-all account of what you do that makes your employees roll their eyes, curse your existence, and scream on the inside. And sometimes on the outside!


Love Your Team! How to HALVE your employee turnover in less than 90 days!

Love Your Team, written by James Adonis, provides you with hundreds of ways to engage your employees and reduce staff turnover. The useful ideas in this easy-to-read book can be implemented instantly and will provide you with immediate and long-lasting results. And the best part: all of these ideas require very little in terms of time and money.

If you put in place just one of these initiatives each day, employee engagement levels will skyrocket, morale will be boosted, absenteeism will be slashed, and employee turnover will be reduced by up to 50% within 90 days! These proven methods have worked for James and thousands of other managers. It's the kind of book that every manager should have on their desk.


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Potts Point NSW 1335

Mobile: + 61 402 334 987


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