Hitachi (Deputy General Manager – Human Resources & Administration):

“James’s ideas are fresh and
challenging, his style is
energetic and engaging.”


“James is a pleasure to work with.  He listened to our needs and presented a plan which was exactly what we were after.  The session on the day was engaging and I have received many positive comments and feedback.  I look forward to working with James again in the near future.”

IAG Manager - Training Delivery

City of Sydney

“Thanks again, James, for a funny, provocative and very entertaining talk to the City of Sydney Managers’ Workshop on ‘Leadership for Engagement and Collaboration’.  Your presentation provided insights that were very relevant to our earlier discussion, so this really helped to consolidate thinking about ways to engage and motivate people without resorting to stereotypes.  Comments from our evaluation were overwhelmingly positive – ‘down to earth and fun’; ‘James was a great speaker’; ‘the external speaker was a real highlight’.  So, thank you for making a real contribution to our learning and for your very authentic presentation.”

City of Sydney Director - Workforce and Information Services

Corrs Chambers Westgarth

“I have engaged James a number of times to run the two-day Team Leaders program for our business services employees.  This program is always one of our most successful programs of the year.  James is a truly engaging facilitator, and always a delight to work with.  I can’t recommend James or his programs highly enough .”

Corrs Chambers Westgarth Learning and Development Manager

Flight Centre

“James provided a 1-hour keynote and 2-hour workshop for 40 of our leaders on Employee Engagement and/or Enragement.  James’s engaging, comfortable style was perfect for the audience and with his humour kept the whole room enthralled for the 3 hours.  James’s use of real life scenarios, often out of the workplace, to demonstrate his key points worked a treat and had us all reflecting on our own similar experiences.  The role plays and facilitated activities provided good energy and an opportunity to experience the scenarios.  The feedback from the participants has been fantastic.  Well done and thanks, James.”

Flight Centre CFO - Australian Operations


“James’s ideas are fresh and challenging, his style is energetic and engaging, and the feedback from our team is that he has caused them to rethink what they have done in the past and they will be doing things differently in future. James will make you think and I encourage you to spend some time with him – it’s very worthwhile.”

Hitachi Deputy General Manager - Human Resources & Administration


“Motivating, insightful, professional and engaging, are a few words that come to mind when reflecting on our day with James. His enthusiasm, extensive knowledge and refreshing approach to employee engagement, was the inspiration we required. We strongly recommend a day with James to every manager.”

AAPT Training Co-ordinator


“Thank you, James, for the great two-day leadership development workshop held at Swissôtel Dresden (Germany).  The feedback from the candidates was only positive and the take-backs immense.  We can only highly recommend James to anyone.  The amount of quality information and the way it was tied together on the spot was impressive.  There was always an atmosphere which instilled a level of comfort to discuss openly with others.  The workshop was great!”

Swissôtel Vice President Human Resources

CPA Australia

“James Adonis delighted our audience with his session on ‘How to create an engaged and switched-on team’. James delivered an informative, energetic, and enjoyable presentation; a perfect mix of inspirational and entertaining stories to unveil the secrets of engaging your team.”

CPA Australia Events Co-ordinator

Australian Public Service Commission

“The participants were engaged at all times and appreciated hearing James’s valuable insights and experiences in talent management.  They were impressed by his candid and open presentation style and his honesty in answering audience questions.  A considerable amount of positive feedback was received from the participants.  Some comments included: “The talent management workshop was very good, the speaker dynamic and engaging”, and “James Adonis was lively and his messages were easily followed, most worthwhile workshop of the day”.

Australian Public Service Commission Group Manager, Products & Services


“James’s presentation on ‘Personal engagement: How to love your work and be brilliant at it’ was timely, informative and humorous and serious. Judging by the level of discussion around the tables and the questions, the talk was extremely well received by guests.  James’s insight and advice were warmly appreciated by everyone attending; we’ve had many wonderful emails about his presentation.”

CEDA State Director, NSW & ACT

Russell McVeagh Corporate Lawyers

“James is funny, witty, real, engaging and manages to deliver a serious message to the audience.  He also has the rare gift of tailoring his presentation to the issues faced by an organisation.  He did his homework.  We loved him.”

Russell McVeagh Corporate Lawyers CEO

Mater Health

“James’s enthusiasm and professional involvement were appreciated by our delegates.  James was a pleasure to work with due to his thorough understanding of our topic and his dedication to ensuring the content was tailored to be entirely relevant to our audience .”

Mater Health Events Manager

Surf Life Saving NSW

“We are indebted to James for being our keynote speaker.  He was certainly a highlight for many. We have received very positive feedback and his session, in particular, received many special mentions.”

Surf Life Saving NSW Manager, Education

Australian Institute of Office Professionals

“Wow, what an exceptional motivator, presenter and overall such a professional gentleman. Our audience members were mesmerised with his enthusiasm; he was entertaining, inspiring and captured our attention from start to finish. The techniques he taught us were great as they could be used both at work and in our personal lives. We all left on a high and really could have listened to him for hours. I highly recommend James to the world and wish we could have more people like him in our society – especially with his positive outlook/attitude of life.”

Australian Institute of Office Professionals Meeting Planner

Australian Society of Association Executives

“My group of association CEOs and Executive Directors wondered how the young man they had come to hear had such an insight into employee engagement and delivered it with such passion and clarity – in an hour and a half of humour and real-life examples. Importantly, we were given solutions and take-home tools we could use straight away. Afterwards, one of my colleagues as saying ‘wouldn’t you like to be able to bottle that!’ It was a pleasure to hear James speak and a greater pleasure to recommend him to you.”

Australian Society of Association Executives State President

Australian Institute of Training and Development

“James Adonis is exceptional – entertaining, down to earth, approachable and an expert on the topic of engaging employees and the generational differences.  He really seems to practice what he preaches, and passed on some incredibly valuable information that has really made a difference to our understanding of generations in the workplace.”

Australian Institute of Training and Development Meeting Planner

Attorney-General’s Department

“An excellent presenter …  A very insightful presentation on employee engagement … So many key messages that we will remember and use … Extensive positive feedback!”

Attorney-General's Department Leadership & Events Co-ordinator

Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage & the Arts

“James’s presentation was well received by the conference participants.  His knowledge on the subject was thorough and his material targeted the themes of the conference.  The information provided was to-the-point and well delivered.”

Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage & the Arts Conference Chair

ATI Mirage

“James Adonis is the ultimate professional in every sense of the word.  It was an absolute pleasure to work alongside someone who is so helpful, energised, motivated and inspiring in both the preparation and lead up to the event and also his performance at the event.  The feedback received from James was outstanding and I would not hesitate to recommend his services to anyone who wants to have their thinking challenged, their employees motivated and engaged and their workplace operating at an efficient, productive and profitable level.  I look forward to working with him again in the near future.”

ATI Mirage HR Solutions Manager


“James delivered in full. He is a fantastic, engaging trainer. He presents his material simply and in a clear structure and backs this up with a huge wealth of tips and suggestions on how to continually engage and tap into individual employees’ differing needs. James offers a full follow-up as part of his services and his website offers insights, tips and examples that cater for managers with differing management styles. We warmly recommend him to any company that is considering employee engagement and retention training.”

Europcar Group HR Manager

David Jones

“I am delighted that we chose James Adonis to be part of our conference. His professional and passionate presentation was peppered with facts, examples, and humour. His ability to provide illustrations from his own experiences gave the presentation a unique personal dimension.”

David Jones Group General Manager - Stores & Operations


“James’s experience and knowledge shone through. He is entertaining, well-informed, and above all, gets the audience to think and do differently. I would recommend him for any organisation where employees articulate a disconnection between themselves and their managers.”


Australian Unity

“I was impressed with James’s energised approach to day-to-day management issues – my expectations have been well surpassed. My management team is revitalised and eager to tackle operational issues in a new light. Feedback on the workshop has been extremely positive and treated like a reward.”

Australian Unity Call Centre Operations Manager

Australian Institute of Management

“Thought-provoking and entertaining… We recommend James to anyone who wants to get their employees engaged.”

Australian Institute of Management Membership Marketing Manager


“James really knows his Employee Engagement stuff and is clearly out on the leading edge in this field. He worked with a group of my MiniMovers people with great results.”

MiniMovers Chairman, Company Founder, and Owner

Q Super

“I found your presentation very informative and fun. Well done on your excellent communication skills. You have a natural ability to keep people interested and entertained, which is a dynamic quality. I haven’t laughed like that in a presentation for ages!”

Q Super Operations Manager

Financial Planning Association of Australia

“When I first saw James, I wondered how could someone so young speak authoritatively on the topic of engaging (and retaining) employees. He turned out to be one of those pleasant surprises as he entertained, educated and delighted my financial planning audience. He speaks with professionalism, passion and credibility, creating many a laugh along the way. He walks the talk.

Financial Planning Association of Australia Meeting Planner

TMS Asia Pacific

“James is a delight to work with! James was our keynote speaker for a series of client breakfasts we ran across Australia and New Zealand focusing on Gen Y. We received excellent feedback from our clients who found the sessions both entertaining and informative. He is an engaging speaker who relates well to his audience, and I would happily work with James again.”

TMS Asia Pacific General Manager

Meetings and Events Australia

“James Adonis was professional, engaging and related well to our audience. He played an integral part in the success of the day through his lively impressionable personality. James, you were a pleasure to work with and proved that you contribute greatly to the feel and vibe of an event. Thank you for both your professionalism and entertaining nature. It was well received and greatly appreciated.”

Meetings and Events Australia Meeting Planner

Training Australia Magazine

“Many thanks for your outstanding contribution at our annual event, National Training Day 2006. The key figure at any event is the Master of Ceremonies. It is they who draw in the audience, hold their attention and inspire the speakers to do their best. You succeeded in doing all of these.”

Training Australia Magazine Editor and Chief Executive

Brainpower Training

“James Adonis walked his talk. He is a living breathing example of how to deliver an interactive workshop that all generations, not just Y, can enjoy.”

Brainpower Training Managing Director

Australian Teleservices Association

“Your presentation was loaded with information that was easy to understand and yet simple to implement. Your vast knowledge and experience in employee engagement and retention were an inspiration! It is always a pleasure to work with you.”

Australian Teleservices Association Meeting Planner

Quay Appointments

“I just want to thank you for your presentation… The feedback from our clients was very positive; they found the content and the subject very relevant and felt that the seminar offered genuine information which they were able to apply to their own teams. Your presentation was passionate, entertaining, and interesting… very good valuable advice. Once again, thank you. I look forward to working with you again.”

Quay Appointments Managing Director

Sydney Community College

“James’s enlightening talk on how to engage your employees is relevant for anyone who seeks to become an employer of choice. For our group of business owners and managers, it was highly relevant and provided the energy boost for our networking evening. James related well with our group of employers. With the workplace undergoing a massive cultural shift, and with competition for quality staff, I believe employers can only benefit from the material offered in this talk.”

Sydney Community College Meeting Planner

Bluewire Media

“James Adonis’s leadership and management style immediately resonated with me and there were so many practical and useful ideas that James shared in his presentation. I was excited to take those ideas back to our team at work. If James is speaking in your city, I recommend you pop along and see him as you’ll walk away with some remarkable ideas and above all it will be entertaining!”

Bluewire Media Co-founder and Managing Director

Aurora Energy

“I have only heard positive feedback… No doubt your services will be called upon again!”

Aurora Energy Manager - Customer Service Group

Connect Hearing

“James was great to work with and delivered an inspiring presentation which entertained and stimulated thought.  He used a balanced mix of fact, humour, research and personal examples to illustrate the key messages.  The team were very responsive and were left with new ideas, challenges and a copy of one of James’ books to enable further discovery.”

Group Manager, Human Resources